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OK I think I might have this slightly more figured out. Write the post, check the appropriate post kind in the post kinds meta box, move down to the response meta box, enter the URL. Must look at markup examples this weekend.

I want to say that Genesis supports some microformats, but I’m not sure which ones, and I’m definitely sure there’s no microformats 2 support. the main reason I want to check and/or add support, maybe as a plugin at first, is because I’ve got some custom post types on my work-related site that I can’t afford to lose, and that I’d have to add to another theme. I’d like to incorporate as much indieweb into that site as possible, and start incorporating it into client projects as well, so accessibility plus open web plus own your data. Thanks for the resources, and of course as I get free time, I’ll definitely work on this. And of course document all the things.


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