I’m starting a new book challenge for this year. I…

I’m starting a new book challenge for this year. I think they’re a nice diversion and they allow for a little friendly competition. This year I’ve set it to fifty-two books so I average about one book a week. I’d also like to write more reviews, except I likely won’t do it on Goodreads. I’d like to have the book covers as the featured image (thumbnail) for each book so that when I syndicate things to Twitter and Facebook there are pictures to go with the content. I’ll do this manually for now until I find out how much of a nightmare Goodreads API permissions are. You apparently can’t scrape their feeds, although they exist. I was highly disappointed when I found this out, because it would have been the easiest way to retrieve data. Oh well.

Update: You can, apparently, scrape the feed, but only sort of, because you don’t get complete control of the data that comes across.


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