So I’m reading the 13th Scott Harvath book, and I’…

So I’m reading the 13th Scott Harvath book, and I’ve gotten to a point where Scott Harvath is able to tell whether or not the terrorists are logging into Facebook, and what their visiting on Facebook. Come on! Facebook even when this book was written was using SSL. The entire point of SSL is to protect data while it’s in transit. That includes usernames and passwords, and it also includes what URLs (or pages in Facebook’s case), people are visiting. There’s absolutely no way this character would be able to tell whether or not some terrorists were visiting Facebook and even if you could there’s no way for him to be able to tell what Pages they are visiting, and what they’re doing on Facebook. Christ on crutches, I know research is hard and everything but this is pretty simple to find out. Google is amaze! It can help with all kinds of things! Including researching how technology works and how Facebook works. Not that Facebook is terribly awesome about privacy, but even they don’t screw up this badly.



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