I think it may be time to wander back out of the I…

I think it may be time to wander back out of the Indieweb rabbit hole and climb into bed. This has been a lot of fun, and tomorrow will definitely be RTFM Friday, (actually, no it won’t, because I have some emails to respond to and work to do), because I’m missing something. I’ve gotten set up with Bridgy, but still need to figure out how to merge accounts, because I have two of them. I will re-automate social sharing when I’m more awake. I need to switch plugins because it appears that Social has finally quit working as of WordPress 4.7. I’m not complaining. Hell, I got eight years out of the thing, across I don’t know how many WordPress versions. I also need to play around with changing the webmentions endpoint for this site so that Bridgy can handle them. There are extra meta boxes and I’m pretty sure I need to change it there but will do some more digging later. Oh, and I need to find out the extent of microformats in Genesis so I can add what’s not already there to this child theme and the one on I also need to fix the typo in that post. Anyway, good night WordPress, and good night Indieweb, and good night IDE.


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