Apparently it’s time for me to clear my cookies again, because when I logged into the Facebook to check on a notification, it didn’t ask for username and password. Also, we need to talk about all the email you’re sending. So yeah, time to go screw around with settings. God I hate the settings screens. All of them. And the ninth circle of hell that is threaded comments on the Facebook. God, interminable “View previous comments”. God help you if a post has more than ten comments. You’ll never get out again. It’s like an infinite loop of “What the hell!”. I mean, you can get back out, if you click the logo, or if you click on the original post, which may or may not reappear, and God help you if you leave a comment and want to pick up where you left off reading. Everybody on my Facebook just start blogging and get it over with. Then we can all leave. Make webrings great again!


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