Via DovBear:

The owners of a modest home near Twentynine Palms lost their cherished possessions after a bank mistakenly foreclosed their residence.
A crew broke into Alvin and Pat Tjosaas’ desert home and took everything after being directed by Wells Fargo to secure the structure.

I’m asking myself exactly how the bank can make a huge mistake like this. My guess is it wasn’t a mistake, it was pure carelessness at best, and I don’t want to think about what it was at worst. Anybody want to guess how long it’s going to take WF to pull a BP and tell the couple “we’re sorry.”? And God only knows what’s going to happen to all their stuff. Some low-level, (or at least, lower-level than the people who get to make these decisions), management person will probably get fired for this, and that’ll be the end of it. But WF will still be in business after this, and will still be allowed to handle people’s money. I definitely won’t be trusting them with any of mine. I think this couple should get their house free and clear (assuming they haven’t already paid it off) after having to go through this. And I hope they’re able to pull their life back together and get back to some sort of normal routine.


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