• 02:23:41: Digest Of Events For 2009-10-03
  • 09:49:57: Trying out Twikini on my phone.
  • 10:06:28: So far I’m liking it and will probably buy it@cbrady1976
  • 10:11:18: RT @velvethammer: RT @joegallant I’ve often said CA is a lab 4 failed lib policies Is this what you want US to look lik
  • 10:23:43: I’m here with my Windows® phone & #Twikini:
  • 10:37:12: RT @IMMikeWarren: Meetings are a symptom of bad organization. The fewer meetings the better. ~ Peter F. Drucker Amen to this.
  • 10:40:37: Need to figure out how to get more accurate readings from my phone’s GPS if I ever want to put it to actual use.
  • 11:06:08: @ppatel: There’s apparently a hack to get mine to be more accurate, but I need to get my MSL from sprint to use it.
  • 11:09:22: @Dana_Willhoit: I’d go for not following back if they don’t post in a language you can speak.
  • 11:09:59: @Dana_Willhoit: I need to figure out how I managed to get myself the auto-follow feature so I can turn it off.
  • 11:10:19: @Dana_Willhoit: Right now anytime someone follows me for some reason I auto-follow them back.
  • 11:11:13: @QueenofSpain: That’s probably not weird at all. Not with it going around like it is.
  • 11:42:13: If Michael Moore hates capitalism so much, why does he charge for his movies?

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