• 01:50:00: @Blair_42: LOL it does kind of feel like that since I’m waiting on the corner. Might as well attach a sign to myself.
  • 01:50:20: @Blair_42: Or rather, was waiting on the corner. Need sleep.
  • 01:54:21: @robl27: Wow. @blair_42 is motivated? I didn’t think there were any weird star alignments going on, what gives? Grin.
  • 01:56:35: @TarheelBelco: Wow who’d you get stuck with? And I promise, I really do plan on contacting you. Just have to find some time.
  • 02:21:05: Digest Of Events For 2009-09-22
  • 10:21:46: ECU’s network blocks my cable provider’s SMTP server, and my cable provider blocks ECU’s SMTP server. This is ridiculous.
  • 11:07:03: Waiting for the bus to go to class. It’s raining off and on here.
  • 13:06:52: Sweet! No business law class tomorrow!
  • 13:07:55: After having been drowned in Linux-flavored coolade, I’m in my lab.
  • 15:17:10: @nickoomba: PC Hardware lab.
  • 15:28:43: I really hope that Win7 isn’t something I have to babysit, because I’m really getting tired of doing that with Vista. Grrr!

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