• 02:27:05: Digest Of Events For 2009-09-19
  • 21:55:38: @kvetchingeditor: Hope you feel better soon. Not fun being sick liek that.
  • 22:09:08: @kvetchingeditor: Yeah everyone seemed to be sick at schul this weekend here too, including myself.
  • 22:09:34: @kvetchingeditor: We’ll all likely have the flue by YK.
  • 22:59:53: @plumlipstick: Very much agreed. Those are ridiculous prices but if you can pay that you seem to be doing OK. to me.
  • 23:11:14: @karriek87: Can I just have some chocolate?
  • 23:17:43: Catching @blair42 after hours when I really should be doing other stuff.

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