• 02:21:05: Digest Of Events For 2009-09-13
  • 08:04:56: I can’t believe this. My digital recorder has decided it no longer wants to connect to any of my systems so no getting files off it.
  • 08:05:23: That digital recorder is how I’ve been recording my class lectures and there are two files I need off there.
  • 08:05:53: Tried several cables and ports to no avail, also tried different systems.
  • 08:08:05: @BorrisInABox: Either that or the Victor gets to pull double duty. I’m irritated that I can’t get Thursday’s lectures off there though.
  • 11:11:14: Audio: Case Of The Mondays
  • 13:49:31: @joyctilton: It’s an Olympus DS30. Oh wow Joy, I just realized this is you. Welcome to Twitter.
  • 13:53:31: @joyctilton: When I get back home I’m going to try changing the batteries and see if that makes a difference.
  • 13:54:01: @joyctilton: It shouldn’t be a problem as the batteries have only been in the thing for two weeks though.
  • 19:42:35: @joyctilton: Where do I go to find out what the class is? I didn’t think that could change, unless it happens on the player itself?
  • 23:10:55: @joyctilton: Found the problem. Windows decided it didn’t want to recognize the drive letter, had to go change that.

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