• 00:17:55: Having a beer. It’s been a very long week.
  • 00:24:29: Very nice. Got a 3-day credit from Google for downtime. That’s service!
  • 02:21:05: Digest Of Events For 2009-09-03
  • 06:26:39: Think it might be time for some breakfast.
  • 17:32:15: @JeffBishop: What are you playing with? a new Outlook plugin?
  • 17:46:57: @JeffBishop: Sweet.
  • 22:07:31: Mother fucker! No option to restore to last known config, will have to restore to defaults. Thanks Jaws!
  • 23:28:45: Getting some food.
  • 23:29:18: @shanedavidson20: Oh yeah, it’s O S U M Awesome! Just how I wanted to spend my time.
  • 23:55:34: rt @shanedavidson20: @arush: if you wanna chat I’ve got fedeliphone loaded. oh, dm me your details. outlook db crash and broke everything.
  • 23:56:07: Didn’t mean to retweet that.
  • 23:56:41: @shanedavidson20:
  • 23:58:30: @shanedavidson20: Need your info.

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