• 02:21:05: Digest Of Events For 2009-08-31
  • 07:17:51: Waiting for the bus. Running later than I’d like to this morning.
  • 08:52:14: Got to campus later than I would have liked, but still made it to class on time.
  • 09:32:17: Dear fellow classmates: Not a good idea to leave your crap in the middle of the isle. People trip over that. Grrr.
  • 10:37:39: @Goldfingas: get her a cake. Everyone loves cake. And it’s cheaper than flowers.
  • 10:40:37: Very hungry. Need to stop thinking about food.
  • 10:42:36: Instructor says hard drives aren’t portable. He apparently hasn’t seen USB drives lately.
  • 11:16:32: Dear proff: Please don’t keep us after your allotted time, some of us have other classes to go to.
  • 12:37:56: Very hungry. Getting some food.
  • 18:53:02: @dmarthouse It’s my Intro to computers class, which I like to call Intro to Windows.
  • 22:29:52: Updating Jaws on the laptop. I think it’s time to stop studying, I’ve got a raging headache.
  • 23:30:26: @shanedavidson20: You two make me want to puke. Jeese. Get a room already.
  • 23:32:35: @RicksterTheGeek Agreed. I almost left the Bard list, but stayed because there just might be something interesting/useful that comes up.
  • 23:37:43: @RicksterTheGeek: Yeah I’m feeling the same way. I have very limited time these days and whining isn’t something I have time to waste on.
  • 23:38:28: Jaws is making me cranky. Update just turned into uninstall/reinstall. I quit.
  • 23:54:58: @shanedavidson20: I’m not using 11 yet, and to be fair, they’re in very different categories.

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