Charles Taylor, the former dictator of Liberia who is currently imprisoned in the Hague awaiting trial by the special court for Sierra Leone, has decided to convert to Judaism. According to the BBC, one of his wives reports that he is now practicing Judaism, but still believes in Jesus. In other words, he wants to practice both Judaism and Christianity. I hope Mr. Taylor doesn’t think that his newfound faith will somehow lessen the effect or severity of the charges pending against him. Accepting this man as a candidate for conversion feels, on a gut level, the same as accepting a professed Nazi as a candidate for conversion. On the other hannd, I suppose it’s remotely possible that he is actually attemptting to turn his life around and become a better person, although I can’t help but doubt this rather strongly. And I hope that someone takes the time to inform Mr. Taylor that, in order to convert to Judaism, even the most liberal form, he has to forsake all other gods, including Jesus.

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