I just found this while I was going through my RSS feeds, and I wanted to post it so that others who don’t normally read the blogs I do could have these words of enouragements. This is from Lazer Beams.

>As long as you keep trying, you’re never a loser. A winner is someone who never gives up, even when he loses. Above all, don’t ever compromise on your dreams and aspirations. Share them with G-d in your daily conversations with Him. Don’t delay talking to G-d, because the time will come when you regret that you didn’t speak to Him more.

I know that not all of my readers and Twitter followers aren’t religious, but the part I found most encouraging was the bit at the beginning, the part about being a winner as long as you’re still trying and not giving up. Life gets very hard sometimes, and for some of us it’s been hard for a very long time. But as long as we don’t get to a point where we no longer have any dreams or aspirations, we’re not completely at the bottom.


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