Following is a quick list of what went on in my world today. I’m placing the majority of this post behind a jump, so you can skip it if you like without too much work. But sometimes I also use this format to share various links I’ve browsed for which I don’t have a lot of commentary, so consider giving it a look.

  • 00:05 Digest of Todays events, Thoughts And Such
  • 04:39 @AzHamMedic Very very nice. I wish I could watch a video of the Obama Seder.
  • 04:43 @BlindTwit Re: Tweetdeck: Prob comes up when installing Adobe Air. No va.
  • 04:49 @kvandenhoek Know the feeling bout not being able to work. It gets mind-numbing.
  • 05:31 @alyankovic Will be glad to spread some Twitter love. Thx for the recommend.
  • 08:29 @carmelrod Don’t jinx yourself. You’ll see a flare-up of the stupids if you do that.
  • 17:58 @MidlifeMentor Well, I spose they’re pprettier than roaches. LOL!
  • 18:18 @robl27 Why do you keep having mugshots taken? Do you keep getting arrested or something?
  • 19:27 @amyb0223 I was surprised at first, but over time the shock has worn off and there’s nothing I don’t expect from the Obama worshippers.
  • 23:36 According to Twitter Karma, I have 666 mutual followers. AAAAhhhh! Satan!
  • 00:03 @AzHamMedic Yeah, I know, but the WH-hosted Seder was real. Love The Onion.

Until next time.

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