Following is a quick list of what went on in my world today. I’m placing the majority of this post behind a jump, so you can skip it if you like without too much work. But sometimes I also use this format to share various links I’ve browsed for which I don’t have a lot of commentary, so consider giving it a look.

  • 18:57 @billpalmer I hate telemarketers. I switched my phone to cable and I get at least 3/d now.
  • 19:21 @billpalmer I’ve had to list both numbers, cell and home, on the reg. Hope it works out.
  • 22:34 @kvandenhoek Can the Kindle read e-books from other sources? Like digital eds from Adobe?
  • 22:38 @sexxygeek Good to hear they’re giving you such prompt service.

Until next time.

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