Following is a quick list of what went on in my world today. I’m placing the majority of this post behind a jump, so you can skip it if you like without too much work. But sometimes I also use this format to share various links I’ve browsed for which I don’t have a lot of commentary, so consider giving it a look.

  • 00:05 Digest of Todays events, Thoughts And Such
  • 02:28 @wa4wga Selectively updates FaceBook.
  • 03:36 @wa4wga It’s another Twitter app. Different page. Hang on and I’ll find the link.
  • 03:55 Goodnight. Hope your interview goes well.
  • 03:59 Oops, that last one was supposed to be @sexygeek
  • 04:14 @levarburton Still fighting w/ the bear, but I’ll come out on top one day.
  • 11:25 @DovBear Basically, ppl recommend others to follow and use #followfriday as the tag.
  • 18:18 Leaving for Synagogue.

Until next time.

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