More on Netbooks.  I may need to create a category just for this.  From Ars Technica:
MSI is reportedly upgrading its popular Wind netbook with two new models: the U110 and the U115. Both of the machines will migrate from the Atom N270 CPU most netbooks today use.

Instead of the N270, the two netbooks will move to the Atom Z530 CPU. The move to the new CPU and platform should reduce power consumption. While the Z530’s TDP is just 0.5W lower than the N230’s, the N230 is paired with the 945GSE chipset, which Intel lists as an 11.4W solution. The Z530, in contrast, uses Intel’s single-chip SCH US15L or the US15W, both of which are rated at just 4.3W. The new Wind models will carry on with the 10-inch 1024×600 resolution display and will feature a 250GB HDD in the U110. The U115 will offer a SSD for Windows XP and a normal HDD for storage.

Both netbooks are reported to feature Wi-Fi, a 6-cell battery and a new Poulsbo US15W chipset. The new chipset along with the Z530 CPU will make for a total chipset consumption of 4.3 watts.

Asus is also updating its continually growing line of netbooks with a new model called the Eee PC 1002HA. The machine has a 10-inch screen, 1GB of RAM, a massive 160GB HDD, Windows XP, and an Atom N270 CPU.

You might wonder what’s different about that rig, as Asus already has virtually identical machines. The difference comes in the chassis; the 1002HA is wrapped in a brushed aluminum rather than colored plastic. Potential downsides include a tiny 2-cell battery, but Asus always seems to squeeze impressive runtime out of its Eee line. The machine will reportedly retail for $499.


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