Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and so this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it, but if you do you just might miss something.

  • 04:58 Morning all. Welcome to Sunday.
  • 05:13 Crap. Can’t get the laundry detirgent open.
  • 05:17 Deturgent opened, sheets in the washer.
  • 05:22 You can’t create a zip file larger than 4GB?
  • 06:01 Copying books to the VRStream.
  • 07:33 Think I like the pre-merger XM IDs better than the post-merger ones.
  • 08:24 Time for some breakfast.
  • 09:04 Doing dishes.
  • 10:26 Packing.
  • 12:37 Grabbing some lunch before leaving.
  • 13:04 Headed to the airport.
  • 13:26 Checking bag, so new boarding pass.
  • 13:27 Waiting to go through security.
  • 13:53 Made it through security, will check state of gadgets once at destination.
  • 14:05 Boarded.
  • 14:07 Doors closing. See you on tge other side.
  • 15:46 Landed in ChLanded in Charlotte, riding the cart to .y next gate.
  • 16:22 At my gate. Two hours till next flight.
  • 18:48 Uh, my plane was supposed to leave at 6:20. It’s 6:45 and we haven’t boarded. Wtf?
  • 19:08 Cart driver dropped me at the wrong gate, thus flight missed. Fuck!
  • 19:32 On a 7:55 flight to Tampa. Will have to pick bag up at svc desk, assuming nothing goes wrong there too.
  • 19:35 Airport ppl trying to find out who screwed up. Lots of radio chatter.
  • 19:37 Have boarded plane. ETA: 9:30.
  • 21:37 Landed in Tampa.
  • 21:46 Headed towards baggage.
  • 22:03 Met up with Wil and the crew.
  • 23:41 Having a few beers with Wil and Denise.

Until next time.

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