Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and so this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it, but if you do you just might miss something.

  • 04:43 Using Digsby for IM, Email, and Twitter –
  • 04:59 Crashed outlook.
  • 05:01 @blindtwit Doesn’t seem to be very accessible. Lots of JCursoring even in the buddy list.
  • 05:02 @ppatel They don’t seem to have taken your comments seriously. No regular cursor use at all. JCursor only.
  • 05:05 @blindtwit Yeah really. I was hoping for something to tie in FB Chat too, which is accessible, but would be nice all-in-1.
  • 05:05 @DavidWallace Mazal tov on the birth of your daughter.
  • 05:07 @DavidWallace Oops, that should be mazal tov on your daughter’s baby being born, not your daughter being born.
  • 05:10 @ppatel Yeah, it’s a great idea. I suppose it could be scripted, but that’s too much work when I already have msgr clients that work.
  • 05:10 @ppatel I may give scripting it some thought though.
  • 05:11 @shanedavidson20 Outlook’s not that bad, and neither is Microsoft. They built your OS, after all.
  • 05:11 @shanedavidson20 You know, you really should pick up a dictionary and expand your vocabulary.
  • 05:13 @chriswinfield No, banning fast food ads isn’t the answer. Answer+parents properly feeding their kids.
  • 05:18 @johnmill79 Sleep in heavenly peas? You’re just like your cousins. Always thinking of food. Grin.
  • 05:21 @longest Re: Hosting: Trye
  • 05:35 @maurilio Did you have Chinese or something? Grin.
  • 05:36 @ppatel Just think: Someone actually wasted money to study the effect of social networking on teens. Your taxes at work, folks. Grin.
  • 06:12 @ppatel Yeah that’s an option worth considering. I’ll see about contact info.
  • 10:02 @byron27 Uh… yeah. Right. Maybe if you’re using Vista, but that’s hardly everybody. Thus, Activesync still used.
  • 13:02 Feeling chilly even though the heat’s on 73.
  • 14:06 Not much of an appetite today.
  • 16:06 @blindtwit ButbutBut But Apple! I-Phone! And it’s in braille, therefore I-phone is accessible. Grin.
  • 18:05 OK, less than an hour to go. I can do this… I can do this… I can do this.
  • 18:47 @blindtwit xtended batteries are a life-saver.
  • 18:52 @ryanrain They probably figure it’s accessible since there’s a Braille tutorial.
  • 19:11 Work done. Time for food.
  • 00:41 Goodnight all.

Until next time.

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