Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and so this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it, but if you do you just might miss something.

  • 00:54 New blog post: Happenings
  • 02:21 I should probably go to bed now. Good night all.
  • 03:25 Dear head: Please stop hurting. I need to sleep.
  • 06:10 Morning all. Last night sleep sucked. Today will be worse.
  • 11:11 Meant to load WLM, loaded WE. Yes, we’re having a wonderful morning over here.
  • 11:39 @byron27 I’d go ahead and apply so you have it, just in case you need it someday.
  • 12:17 @blair42 I feel your pain, except mine’s just a case of the Mondays.
  • 12:18 Feeling cruddy and congested today. Definitely do not like.
  • 12:22 @maurilio But you’re not allowed to have a bail-out plan. You’re only a consumer. Grin.
  • 12:28 Welcome @SteveWolfFM to Twitter.
  • 14:36 Time for that lunch thing.
  • 14:57 Just a bit nippy in here, so turning up the heat.
  • 15:11 Lunch over. Back to the grind stone.
  • 17:04 Tells @robl27 that the likelihood of @byron27 obeying is as great is that of my becoming supreme ruler of the universe.
  • 17:18 @johnandrews Was the dog in Starbux a guide dog or some other service animal?
  • 17:26 @byron27 Very funny. But you’d likely scare the rest of your classmates with that kind of smile, or at least the light slaves paying attn.
  • 17:29 @blindtwit Very nice when telecom works like a charm.
  • 17:48 @johnandrews Oh. Well then, yes, keep the little rats out of Starbux.
  • 17:50 @phinnia and @tallin32 The F2F thing is probably a security blanket, but still sucks. Ppl, join the 21st century.
  • 17:51 @waynesutton I’m really considering picking up the habit of drinking coffee late in the day.
  • 18:43 @blindtwit Wow! Congradulations! When are you getting married?
  • 19:04 It ended! It finally ended!
  • 19:33 Having dinner: Chicken sandwitch.
  • 20:00 Dinner finished. Time to start unwinding.

Until next time.

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