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Access has announced a number of new initiatives around its Access Linux Platform at a company event this week in Tokyo. The company has announced version 3.0 of the Access Linux Platform. Providing little technical details, the company says the new version includes LiMo compatibility and a new advanced UI that features highly detailed visuals, smooth transitions and animations.

In addition, the company has announced a new product based on ALP called the Access Linux Platform mini. ALP mini is targeted at feature phones and low-end smartphones to Internet-enabled, beyond-PC devices, such as portable navigation devices, portable media players and set-top boxes. ALP mini omits Palm OS Garnet compatibility as well as native Linux applications.

Access says ALP mini is well-suited for the more stringent cost and performance requirements of mobile and Internet-enabled devices in emerging markets. According to reports, the ALP subset evolved from the China MobileSoft Linux stack acquired by PalmSource in Dec. of 2004, prior to Access’s acquisition of PalmSource. Access added its own NetFront Browser, Java and widget development kits, and other select ALP components to the new product.

ALP mini is available immediately to licensees, however the company has not said when its next generation ALP v3.0 will be available.

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