Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and so this is the only blogging I manage to do. Feel free to skip it, but if you do you just might miss something.

  • 00:11 New blog post: Happenings
  • 01:20 Headache and heartburn while trying to go to sleep. Eeh!
  • 10:49 Glad things are quiet for right now.
  • 11:54 @phillymac Work.
  • 12:03 Damn. Air conditioner dripping again. will call maintenance tomorrow, when I feel like being presentable enough for people to come in.
  • 12:38 @phillymac There’s not too much need for AC, hence calling maintenance isn’t really high on the to-do list. Will put the call in after work.
  • 13:16 Lots of noise outside the window. Good thing it’s closed.
  • 16:18 I’m thirsty.
  • 16:48 @tallin32 Sometimes a reformat is just what they need.
  • 17:02 oMG, it’s Unsolved Mysteries, hosted by the guy who played Fontana on law and Order.
  • 17:24 I love watching Judge Judy put the smackdown on people.
  • 20:01 8:00. Just now getting off work.
  • 20:07 Brain suffering from buffer overflow.
  • 23:36 New blog post: Worried!

Until next time.

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