By Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator
The descendants of Ishmael, through Mohammed, have been taught a terrible
lie. They choose to ignore the fact that Ishmael was the half brother of
Isaac, through Abraham. In this great lie, therefore, those who interpreted
the writings of Mohammed, expanded on the story that, like Cain, the Muslims
of the future were destined to kill their half-brothers out of Abraham.
Through the centuries, this lie was further embellished well beyond teaching
Muslims to murder their half-brothers (and sisters). The LIE was to induce
Muslims to believe that by murdering their brother Jews through Abraham,
that they would gain a glorious life-after-death.

Is this then what G-d expected of Cain when he too murdered his brother in a
fit of jealousy? G-d marked Cain with a curse. Is this what the Mullahs
wanted for the Muslim people – a permanent banishment from heaven?

But, the Mullahs told the people: “Kill and you will be rewarded in the
heaven we will describe for you”. Thus they appealed to the lower, base
instincts of Muslims, that by murdering their brother, they would have great
sexual pleasures denied to them on earth by those same Mullahs.

Virgins, sweets of the most choice. That which were denied to them by the
Mullahs, would be available in rivers of wine and honey. All they had to do
was murder their brothers through Abraham and Ishmael. if they killed
themself while killing Jews, they would be holy martyrs and ascend to Muslim
Paradise to sit next to Mohammed in Allah’s Courtyards.

What the Mullahs could not tell the Muslim people was that murder on earth –
for any reason – brings a terrible curse. That instead of virgins and rivers
of honey, wine and the sweets they were promised, would be a terrible
darkness for the murder of his brother. They would have no glorious Heaven
but a Hell of indescribable pain.

Around the world “Madrassahs” (”Wahhabi” Strict Muslim schools) were
established to warp young minds, teaching them first to hate and then the
benefits of murder/suicide while omitting that Heaven is not their destiny.

Year after year more lies were piled upon the earlier lies. Even the Mullahs
could no longer tell the difference. Where in the tales of history was
Ishmael’s half brother, Isaac, taught to kill their brothers and sisters who
were the people of Ishmael.

G-d’s only allowance to kill, were those tribes who practiced human
sacrifice to pagan gods, invented by the local priest cults. Here, too, it
was the priest cults who benefitted the most as the people gave them the
best foods, the greatest honors and always the young virgins. The priest
became the interpreters of Allah’s will, despite their never having seen
him. Abraham, the father of two peoples did speak with G-d and there were no
instructions for the sons to kill each other. In fact, the main reason
Abraham had to send Ishmael and his mother Hagar away was that Sarah saw
Ishmael “playing” with Isaac but, when she saw Ishmael acting aggressively
and threateningly toward Isaac. It seems clear that this was probably
because he was jealous of Abraham’s intention to make Isaac his first and
the son to father the coming descendant generations.

The “Tanach” (Bible) says that G-d tells Abraham that “through his son Isaac
will offspring be considered yours. G-d also tells Abraham that also through
the son of the slave-woman (Ishmael) wilI I make into a nation for he is
your offspring.” (1)

As the years passed, Mohammed made his appearance in the seventh century as
a man of war who set out to convert others to Islam by the sword because the
Koran mandates them to do so in order to create a global Caliphate where
Islam dominates the world. After a time of conquest, Mohammed died in 632
C.E. many wished to be considered the heir and leader of Islam. Many created
their own mystical interpretations of the Koran and various “Hadith” (Oral

Thus began a race to invent the most creative interpretations of the Koran’s
meanings and become Mohammed’s natural heir. The ignorant masses loved the
magic of the stories. The best, of course, was the promise of
life-after-death but, only if they followed the fable of the last Mullah to
teach what he believed.

But, the people liked the fable of getting in Allah’s heaven everything they
wanted but were denied on earth.

All they had to do was, like Cain, kill their brother. Instead of a curse
they would enjoy plenty. The young – how their eyes grew big after being
told when they killed their brother, they would be honored, both in life and
death as heroic warriors.

The Mullahs appealed to the worst instincts of men. They promised
life-after-death, a life of glorious rewards. They promised immortality
which not only removed the fear of death but made death by their murdering
their brother to be desirable. How the young rush with open arms to greet
death, especially if they could bring the head of their half-brother as an
offering, a human sacrifice, to the Allah created by the Mullahs and

Was this the G-d of Abraham or was this Zin, the Moon god of the Mullahs,
named Allah who wanted to rule the world but needed and obedient army of

What happened to the G-d of Abraham? Would he have approved of another
killing of brother by brother? This major error was ignored by the Mullahs,
even though they later claimed that Abraham was born a Muslim.

Let this true story be published in Arabic and spread across the world of
Islam. The Mullahs will ferociously deny that murder is wrong. They will
quote their own writings to prove that Ishmael, the son of Abraham, would
approve of killing his half-brother Isaac and all the generations that
followed him. The Muslims will rage because it will pose the question: Can
one kill his half brother or sister, plunder their belongings, loot – and
then expect to be made immortal in the courtyards of Allah.


Please translate this into Arabic and Hebrew because under G-d’s sky, G-d
blessed Abraham with 2 children who could have lived in peace, even though
separate in their habits and religious practice. G-d never intended that the
young Muslims carry the mark of Cain and would not have put it on their
foreheads – except for the Great Lie propagated by their leaders.

1. “Genesis 22..” Rosh Hashanah Machsor (Prayer book) The Complete ArtScroll
Machsor by Rabbi Nosson Scherman Mesorah Publications, Inc. Brooklyn, NY
1985 pp. 405 & 406

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