Four officers arrested after attempting to smuggle ammunition, hand grenades
to Strip

Press Published in YNET: 09.30.06, 20:51

Four Egyptian policemen and five Palestinians have been arrested for
allegedly trying to smuggle ammunition and hand grenades into the Gaza
Strip, security officials said Saturday.

A local Bedouin was also detained with the group Friday in the northern town
of El Arish, on Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. The policemen

were handing over the weapons to the Palestinians, when Egyptian authorities
interrupted the deal and arrested them, the officials said on condition of
anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

The ammunition was stolen from Egyptian stockpiles, while the grenades were
provided by local Bedouin, the officials said. The plan was to smuggle the
weapons into Gaza through tunnels or through the Rafah border crossing, the
officials added.

Israel pulled out of Gaza last year, turning control of the coastal strip’s
borders over to Palestinian and Egyptian officials. Since then, Israel has
said smuggling of weapons and explosives across the Egypt-Gaza border has
increased considerably.

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