Oh yes, I just have got to switch all my services to AT&t so I can sign up for this. 
I just don’t know how I’ve managed to surf the web for so long without any kind of oversight whatsoever. 
AT&T justifies its desire to peak over your shoulder by saying “Google does it, why can’t we?”

This all comes after a Congressional committee began investigating Web-tracking for advertising purposes after hearing that some Internet service providers would sell their customers’ browsing histories to a company called NebuAd. The committee asked 33 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) about their tracking plans, and many companies (including AOL, Time Warner Cable, Comcast and Verizon) said they only monitor on sites they run. AT&T says their tracking would require customers to sign up for the service.

AT&T said that Google has “the ability to observe a user’s entire Web browsing experience at a granular level” and only answered questions about deep packet inspection, not general tracking. Google responded in kind, basically saying, “we answered the questions, and AT&T’s just trying to shift negative attention to us. Not cool.” Depending on what the committee does from here, we could see a sweet tech company catfight with your Web surfing privacy at the core of the issue. [From: Silicon Alley Insider]


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