GPS isn’t just for helping the terminally lost any more. Now, law enforcement officials are using the technology to track suspects of domestic violence and stalking. Michigan is the latest state to get on board — it’s even added an automated system that alerts the victims of the crime if the perp is nearby.

The biggest advantage of the new Michigan GPS system (the result of a grisly murder by a stalker ex-husband) over traditional protective orders is its ability to move the protective zone more freely. Traditionally, a suspect would be prevented from going within a certain distance of the victim’s home or work, but now, if the victim also wears a GPS, he or she will be protected since the protective zone follows them everywhere.

As we’ve discussed before, GPS is becoming increasingly useful to law enforcement, and we’re sure to see more of these innovative applications of the technology as it becomes more affordable and more powerful. [Source: CNN Via Wired]


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