As reported by The Blog Herald,
The dean of Marquette’s School of Dentistry has decided, along with an advisory committee, to overturn the suspension of one of its students (Theodore Schrubbe) who was previously suspended for posting negative comments about students and professors on his personal blog.
JSOnline reports that the dean of the school (William Lobb) determined that the suspension was too harsh a punishment.
According to Scott Taylor, Schrubbe’s attorney, the dental student received a letter from Lobb today informing him that the suspension was being repealed.
“The advisory committee recommended, and I concur, that suspension in this specific circumstance is not appropriate,” Taylor said, quoting the letter. “Consequently,
I have decided to overturn the decision to suspend you from the school of dentistry.”

I’m not sure what this will mean for bloggers in general, but it at least establishes some sort of precedent.

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