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  • Why do Americans treat the Kennedies as though they were/are divine? #
  • Coca Cola Classic is the water of life. #
  • Helping others with setting up Twitter is amazingly like taking support calls. #
  • Twitter and AIM are being a pain! Sheesh! #
  • Nat Geo has monster pigs. Cool! #
  • I can now tweet via my <a href-"">My WP blog.</a> #
  • Austin Powers is so cool! It’s on E. right now. #
  • Extremely hot showers are one of life’s little blessings. #
  • Time for today’s first dose of caffeine. #
  • Crawling under desks, even if it is to hook up hard drives, is not very fun. I usually get my hair caught on something. #
  • I think I’ve finally figured out how to do this via IM. #
  • A tech support threesome. Interesting. #
  • Tweeting via IM is cool. #
  • I know you’re not supposed to eat a lot of starchy foods at one sitting, but God, mashed potatoes with gravy are so warming and filling. #
  • Naps are cool. Now for something to drink. #
  • Time to get started on the laundry, which is something I had intended to do hours ago. #

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