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Topeka, Kansas – The founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is threatening a lawsuit against the U.S. military over what he says are anti-Semitic
materials on a Fort Leavenworth Web site. (Source).

Unfortunately, the text in question has been removed.
I would have liked to have seen it for myself.
I find this story disturbing, but probably not for the reason most people might.
I believe that, as Jews, we need to be very careful when deciding whether or not to level the anti-semitism charge, or we may find ourselves in the same situation as the boy who cried wolf.
If we’re talking about your average Christian missionizing, while I as a Jew strongly disagree with their point of view, and wish they would just leave people alone, their standard operating procedure isn’t necessarily anti-semitic.
If they’re going on about how the Jews killed their god,and accusing Jews of terrorist acts only because they are Jews, then that’s anti-semitic and needs to be dealt with.
But I think the army needs to be given a chance to deal with the situation in question before some hotshot lawyer goes threatening lawsuits.
Threatening needless lawsuits has a nasty habit of creating the very thing we’re all wary of and do our best to avoid, anti-semitic backlashes.
I wish these zealots would consider that before they start shouting from the rooftops.


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