Israel’s not the only country suffering from a reality leak.
Sarah Honig
Feb. 2, 2006

Reality – nowhere more than in this country – is a serious source of
stress, and hence is what Israelis try their darndest to avoid.
Reality is what our current powers-that-be and opinion-molders urge
us to rise above. They go to extraordinary lengths to obscure it.

Remember the recent revelation that Shaul Mofaz lied brazenly and
barefacedly about an agreement-that-never-was to regulate the border
with Egypt? Better we shouldn’t know that terrorist armaments and
reinforcements can now enter Gaza unhindered. We’ll sleep sounder at
night. Ignorance is bliss indeed (besides being advantageous to
Kadima’s political prospects).

Too bad the not-unpredictable Hamas electoral triumph – a real party
pooper – couldn’t have likewise been kept from Israel’s lulled
voters. The last bother our neophyte acting premier needs is for the
incontrovertible imbecility of Oslo and its incredibly disastrous
disengagement sequel to be underscored once again.

The real appalling picture, conspicuously out there, hardly jibes
with or enhances Kadima’s sales pitch, to say nothing of the Oslo
chimera retroactively endorsed by Olmert.

If said picture’s underlying monstrous motif weren’t disregarded
(whether deliberately or gullibly), Arafat’s minions would have never
been imported here en masse, armed to the teeth, counted upon to
bring us peace and convert their masses to coexistence.

BUT BECAUSE Oslo’s progenitors foolhardily dismissed the
disheartening picture, they not only established Fatahland on our
doorstep, they also admitted 140,000 Palestinians into
within-Green-Line Israel under the framework of “family reunions.”
Those who now whine about the demographic menace, disingenuously
contending that it mandates the handover of strategic assets to
still-viable undefeated enemies, are the very ones who worsened the
demographic balance inside Israel proper.

The big picture’s broad historical perspectives unmistakably
highlight Arab predilection for whatever ideology, international
alliance or orientation is most inimical to Israel at any given time,
and most conducive to the Arabs’ enduring genocidal agenda.

Thus, while the Third Reich ruled, Arabs were avid Nazi
collaborators. They agitated for a speedier, more extensive
Holocaust. Jerusalem Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini, head of the
Berlin-based pan-Arab government-in-exile, sealed Hungarian Jewry’s
fate and foiled the exchange of 10,000 Jewish children. His adherents
back home planned local exterminations and relentlessly refused haven
to refugees from Hitler’s hell. Following WWII, Arab states offered
asylum to fleeing Nazi war criminals – including Haj Amin.

NEXT, ARABS veered into open Communist arms, not because of Marxism’s
compelling appeal but because the USSR provided weaponry, training,
fighter pilots and unparalleled propaganda facilities. It was then
that PLO terrorism first gained the sympathy of assorted fellow
travelers, salon socialists, fashionable faculty gurus and
intellectually indolent scribblers impressed with the
Moscow-contrived freedom-fighter image.

With Russian largesse gone, the only reliable leftover resources for
financing and succor were among oil-rich Islamic reactionaries bent
on world domination – from Iran’s ayatollahs to Saudi-bankrolled

Muslim zealots were long poised to replace the defunct USSR’s
remaining ragtag “progressive” proteges, for whom Israel misguidedly
created a state.

Hamas finally completed its takeover via the ballot box. It was

Nevertheless, heedless Osloites bet everything on a has-been horse.
They welcomed former Soviet lackeys as peace partners, though their
ostensible moderation was merely an expedient pose to win friends and
influence people – including bamboozled Israeli wishful thinkers,
“tired of fighting” (in Olmert’s words) and seeking an easy way out.

The mind-boggling follow-up to Oslo’s collapse was novel: Israel
would unilaterally divest itself of vital security holdings. If the
PA won’t pay for concessions, it’ll get them gratis. This policy –
alarmingly popular – quickly catapulted Hamas to power because even
unilateral quick-fixes aren’t made in a vacuum. The other side
watched and concluded that Israel is on the run.

Whether accurate or wrongheaded, such perceptions themselves become
potent ingredients in the region’s explosive mix. Loss of deterrence
triggers volatile dynamics. Gaza’s Hamas chieftain Mahmoud a-Zahar
explained that “10 years of negotiations didn’t give us what we
wanted. Four years of armed struggle” – i.e. terrorist carnage –
“frightened the Zionists out of Gaza. Inshallah, we’ll send them
scurrying from all our lands.”

This is Hamas parlance for ethnically cleansing all of what’s now
Israel. Only the details of the Jewish state’s demise remain
negotiable. Its execution might be stayed (by hudna) if Israel agrees
to commit suicide (via jettisoning territory and inundating itself
with “returning refugees”).

THESE ARE disengagement’s bitter fruit. Like Oslo’s purveyors,
disengagement’s champions turned a blind eye to the Arab tradition of
latching onto the most anti-Israel sponsor available at any specific
juncture. Obsessive peaceniks should have realized that patronless
Fatah was a spent force, sure to be succeeded by new Islamo-fascist
players. Fatahland next door was bound to lead to Hamastan within
rocket-throw of Israel’s vulnerable population centers.

The only potential consolation in this otherwise dismal tableau is
the PA’s overdue domination by forces who don’t conceal their
unbridled hate with politically correct prattle. Logically it should
become harder to continue downplaying the threat to Israel from
Hitlerite Mufti-torchbearers.

Self-delusion is rendered a tad more difficult.

The international community, however, can be relied upon to revert to
appeasement mode, legitimize and whitewash Hamas, emboldening
Israel’s Left – both within and outside Kadima – to continue peddling
the panacea of additional gratuitous territorial surrenders. Zahar
will again boast that terror delivers the goods. His citizenry won’t
argue with success.

Unilateralism will spawn ever-enticing incentives for more bloodshed.

Meanwhile, in shrinking Jerusalem, Olmert (with Peres ubiquitously in
the background) will show bewildered and brainwashed Israelis how
possible it is to stare reality in the eye yet deny it – even when
reality bites.

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