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I normally try to stay away from making new year’s resolutions, because I usually end up not fulfilling them.
Nonetheless, I thought this would be a good time to look back on how far has come over the last year, and where I would like it to go in the coming year.

The year didn’t get off to a good start as far as the blog was concerned, due to a major upgrading disaster.
Lesson learned: never try to do major blog platform upgrades while you have the flu.
I was honored to host the New Blog Showcase for 7 May of 2006, and would like to do that again in 2007.
It gave me the opportunity to spread the word about new blogs, as well as find some new ones to add to the blogroll.
I participated in this year’s CSS Reboot in the spring, and hope to do so again in 2007, this time with a little more theme work.
As far as site statistics go, I’ve doubled my traffic from last year’s numbers, and I’m grateful for everyone who stops by.
I’ve also been able to bring in a little advertising, and I hope to fine-tune that in 2007.
I’ve also met a lot of interesting bloggers, at least as far as online is concerned.
For 2007, I’d like to look into coming up with a logo as well, and I’d like to include more images within posts.
I’d also like to offer a sincere thanks to my readers.
Without you guys, I’d just be talking to myself.
Come to think of it, maybe this blog reflection stuff isn’t such a bad idea after all.
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He’s still taking submissions, and there are some cool prizes being offered, plus links, so consider participating.


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