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One of the best things about self-hosting a blog is that you get to learn as you go, and that means learning from mistakes as well.
This hit home for me back at the end of 2005, when I was upgrading from WordPress 1.5 to WordPress 2.0.
I had just gotten back into town from my mother’s after spending part of the holiday season with the family, and I brought back the flue as a souvenir.
Even though I knew I was half out of it, I was anxious to get everything upgraded to the latest version of my favorite blogging platform.
So I backed everything up, deleted the files from the server, and proceeded with the upload.
Unfortunately, when deleting the necessary files, I deleted the files in the wrong pane of the window containing my ftp client.
I had to spend the next several months importing posts from my LiveJournal.
The moral of this story is never do anything that requires your total attention when you know you can’t give your total attention.
You’ll be better off waiting until you’re all there.


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