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While reading through one of the blogs listed in my blogroll, I came across an article entitled Israel’s Right to be Racist, by Joseph Massad.
The author uses an overabundance of sarcasm to take stabs at Israel, chastising it for laws such as the Law of Return, and its attempts to maintain its Jewish character.
I’ll start off by saying that, although I strongly disagree with the author’s sentiments, I won’t be labelling this piece anti-semitic.
That would be too simplistic, and it would be a failing on my part to address the actual criticism being delivered.
I imagine the purpose of this article was to cause supporters of the State of Israel to question its policies.
Well, this article raises some questions all right.
Just not the ones Massad hoped.
For one thing, why is it all right for Muslim states to be racist, but not the Jewish one?
I don’t see anyone calling for Saudi Arabia to start allowing Christians and Jews to live in its realm as equal citizens.
Nor is this being asked of Iran, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, or any of the other Arab states.
Or what about what happens when a Palestinian state is established, as I believe it eventually will be?
Are the Palestinians going to make sure to treat any Jews who might want to take up residence in its territories fairly and with out racism?
I think before anyone starts criticising the state of Israel for, gasp, maintaining a Jewish character, they need to determine whether the Palestinians and other Arabs apply these same principles.
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