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According to unconfirmed reports, Toys R Us, (otherwise affectionately known as We Be Toys), is being accused by the NYACLU of violating a shopper’s civil rights because they asked her not to breastfeed on the flor, in front of God and everybody.

The New York Civil Liberties Union claims that Toys “R” Us employees harassed a shopper who was breastfeeding her infant this week at the 42nd Street store.

In a letter sent to company headquarters in Wayne, N.J., yesterday, a lawyer with the NYCLU claims the company violated the state’s basic civil rights law
and demanded a public apology and compensation for the mother.

A lawsuit could follow if the demands are not met, the lawyer, Elisabeth Benjamin, said, in an interview yesterday.

The NYCLU claims that when the mother, Chelsi Meyerson of Brooklyn, began to breastfeed, five different saleswomen confronted her, according to the letter.
At least one saleswoman told Ms. Meyerson that breastfeeding on the store floor was “inappropriate” because of all the nearby children, the letter stated.

Let’s get something straight.
Being able to breastfeed your spawn in public, with no regard for public decency, is not a civil right. If you’re going to breastfeed, take it somewhere where everyone else doesn’t have to watch.
I don’t care how natural it is, or healthy for the child, or whatever.
Taking a dump is pretty natural and healthy too, but I don’t see anyone advocating it being done in stores, in public view either.
Or is that one on the way?
And suing for damages?!
How do they come up with that one?
The woman’s lucky she wasn’t kicked out of the store, because that’s exactly what I would have done.
Having one breast exposed, no matter what the reason, isn’t any different than having both exposed.
And if we’re going to allow for nursing mothers to show off in public, then let’s just have the strippers do it too, and the ACLU needs to help Janet Jackson sue for backpay since she was pretty much turned into persona non-grata after the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.
Just completely, totally stupid.
And people wonder why I don’t believe in evolution.
Survival of the fittest is a joke.
Stupid people have too many other people within society willing to enable them, which keeps them on a survival plan that’s way to long and drawn-out.


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