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I’m seriously debating whether or not to go into work today.
I’ve been seriously congested for the past two days, and so far, it’s not letting up.
I slept OK last night, but I have a raging headache right now, and just feel generally cruddy.
The problem is I’m working on this center-wide newsletter, (which, BTW, got a huge boost thanks to Angel’s “Mr. Frodo’s Hobbit-hole” column, and no, it’s not really called that, I’m just obscuring the names), and the files I need are on the work box’s harddrive.
I wonder if I could get someone to send them to me here?
I’m definitely not in the mood to deal with stupid people, especially on the phone.
This newsletter’s supposed to be out tomorrow in final draft, but I just don’t see it happening.
Not if they expect good quality work, and if Angel and I have to hijack the entire project to ensure that it is quality so that neither of our names get attached to trash, then so be it … I think.
God, my head hurts, and so far the Excedron’s not helped.
I checked the weather, and it looks like we’ve got some major changes coming our way, which probably explains this crud.
We’re supposed to have rain all this week and into next, with the rain increasing as the week progresses.
So I wonder if I’m going to be stuck with this for all that time.
I really hope not.
I just don’t know.