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If illegal aliens are “undocumented workers,” and people with “many talents” can be html specialists, then:

  • Rapists are undocumented boyfriends
  • Burglers are undocumented repo men
  • arsenists are Undocumented Controlled Demolition Workers
  • drug dealers are Undocumented Pharmaceutical Representatives
  • child molesters are Undocumented Pediatric Gynecologist / Proctologists
  • murderers are Undocumented Morticians
  • car thieves are Undocumented Valets
  • kidnappers are Undocumented Babysitters
  • terrorists are Undocumented Political Spokesmen or undocumented diplomats
  • flashers are Undocumented Anatomy Instructors or Undocumented Art Models
  • prostitutes are Undocumented Girlfriends
  • embezzlers are Undocumented Accountants
  • hackers are Undocumented Tech Support
  • gangs are Undocumented Militias
  • traitors are Undocumented Opponents
  • human traffickers are undocumented tour guides
  • the KKK, La Raza, and white supremacist groups are Undocumented Diversity training specialists
  • idiots are undocumented thought conservationists

If you have any more to add to this list, send it to arush06 (at) earthlink (dot) net, and I’ll add it with a link to your blog.
Have fun.

Thanks to Emperor Darth Misha I for the idea.


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