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Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and his lawyers have said they will boycott his trial until security is improved and other demands met.
For someone who wasn’t too concerned about the human rights of his own people, he’s sure expecting a lot of consideration for himself.
I wonder what the other demands are?
A terrorist never had it so good.
That piece of human waste has done his best to turn his first trial into a circus.
Thankfully, the current judge hasn’t been willing to stand for that.
In a letter to the court, Saddam criticised the trial which he said was driven by “malicious” US desire.
And I suppose his conduct toward his own people was really all for the best?
This would be funny if Saddam wasn’t such an evil individual.
The prosecution has demanded the execution of Saddam and two others for the deaths of 148 villagers during a crackdown in the village of Dujail after an
assassination attempt on Saddam in 1982.
I wonder if it’ll actually happen?
I think, given the severity of his crimes, the Iraqis ought to be allowed to publicly execute him, after humiliating him, and the Coalition forces should stand by and watch, or at the least not do anything to stop them.
I imagine it would provide some closure to the Iraqi people.
Anyone thirsting for the blood of Saddam Hussein will have to wait though, because he’s scheduled to go on trial next month for his crimes against the Kurds.
His lawyers say they are boycotting due to security concerns.
They claim we should expect no less.
While I can empathize with them, they couldn’t have expected to defend Saddam Hussein and get no death threats.
The man ruined and ended a lot of lives.
Anyone defending him has got to be seen as a collaborator.
Full coverage at the BBC.


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