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Welcome to this week’s New Blog Showcase.
I’m glad to be able to present links to several new blogs, all of which are three months old or younger, and I encourage all of you to take a look at some of them, and, if they spark your interest, consider adding them to your blogroll.

Mata H at Time’s Fool
presents Hack

The blog is Time’s Fool, and it’s a very good example of modern contemplative Christianity.
Kirby on Finance has some comments on whether or not Americans are saving too much, in a post with the same title.
John Tillman gives us some advice, as well as some informational links on gardening for yourself.
This guy from VA hopes to gives the liberals a spoonfull of discippline, or at least that’s what the blog’s title suggests.
I wonder if we’ll see him start participating heavily in the conservative blogs’ comment sections.
Here’s a nice bit of satire mocking the Duke rape case.
The American Sage discusses the liberalization of the Middle East, and what he thinks will need to happen in order for democracy to work over there.
These are definitely not all the blogs that were submitted.
There were a lot of good ones, but I didn’t want to make this post interminably long.
Pay a visit to any of these you find interesting, and leave some comments.


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