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Normally I wouldn’t try to justify my associations, within the blogosphere or out of it.
However, I think this case warrants an exception, pretty much because I would hate for those coming from a left-leaning point of view who read my blog to think I’m sort of anti-civil-liberties-wingnut.
I believe that the ACLU has done some very good things in the past, and I believe that the ACLU needs to exist in some form or another to be there to make sure people’s civil rights aren’t violated by anyone, government or otherwise.
Where I disagree with the current incarnation is in its definition of civil rights.
By way of example, I think crying fowl over a cross that’s part of a war memorial, (and has been so for almost a hundred years), is going over the line.
So is making statements to the effect that local law enforcement doesn’t have the right to enforce federal law in response to a proposal that would require local businesses to sign a pledge stating they won’t hire illegal immigrants, and that would allow for random inspections to make sure that said pledge is being honored.
There are also things I would be willing to compromise on as well.
For example, I would agree that, as long as election days (both primary and otherwise) are national holidays, and as long as businesses are required to give their employees the day off to vote, then public schools and community centers could be used as polling stations, and churches and other houses of worship wouldn’t need to be used.
As it stands right now, I think those who disagree with the use of houses of worship as polling stations would serve themselves and us very well by pushing for election days as national holidays.
Those are just a couple of examples.
I’m going to continue to call spades spades.
After all, here at, we don’t care who’s being stupid, right or left.
Both have their share of moonbats.
I’m just here to point them out, and right now, the ACLU is practically doing my work for me.


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