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And probably present, and future as well.
He’s the guy who heckled Rummie yesterday, and while I don’t have a problem if someone wants to legitimately criticize the administration, this guy’s just a freak.
It’s really unfortunate that the mainstream media considers this idiot “just just your average “retired CIA analyst!”
Hat-tip Gateway Pundit.
Glenn Reynolds wonders why the MSM doesn’t make an effort to do this kind of research, reminding us of ” …Matt Welch’s old project of googling antiwar people to discover how many (quite a few) had been apologists for
Slobodan Milosevic’s genocidal efforts…” and I have to agree.
As long as the left continues to use these kinds of people as their spokesmen and women, they’re going nowhere fast.
If you want any of us on the right to take your views seriously, you have to present people who have the same views, can articulate them clearly, and who aren’t fringe.
Here’s a good example of someone who can articulate the views of the left clearly, and isn’t a nutcase.


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