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We’re actually having an OTP this week.
The last two Thursdays have been festival days (Yamim Tovim), and that means no blogging, and thus no comment moderation to aprove trackbacks.
At any rate, you all know how it works.
Link to this post, and send a trackback, and your links will show up at the end of the post.
Also, I’m hosting the New Blog Showcase on 8 May.
in order to qualify, blogs must be three months old or newer.
If you want to participate, please send all submissions to arush06 [at] earthlink [dot] net.
You can also use the multi-carnival submission form to submit posts.
I hope to be able to include lots of new blogs in the post, and all blogs included will be linked and trackbacked by me.
All I require is that you return the favor.
Everybody enjoy, and feel free to take as much advantage of the free exposure as you want.

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