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Modestly Yours, a blog focusing on modesty, in all it’s forms, (or rather, the lack thereof), in our culture, has a beautiful article by Jeannine Kellog on the subject of child prostitution.
She calls it child pornography, and I’ll admit that, at this level, I’m splitting hairs, but I think we need to call it what it is.
And what’s most sickening about it is that it’s happening right here in this country.
As of March 15th, thirteen people have been indicted in nine states on charges that include possession, receipt, distribution and manufacture of child pornography. The states
are: Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina and Tennessee. (Source)

Before I continue, let me make this clear.
Pornography, in all it’s forms, is trash.
But I can’t stop adults from being willing participants, and apparently, so many varied businesses are entangled in it that it would be hard to conduct my daily life without aiding them in some indirect way.
(For a partial list of businesses directly benefiting from porn profits, follow this link).
Child prostitution, however, is a totally different story, and I believe that this is the sort of thing that should be punished capitally.
Businesses that benefit from the profits acrewed from such a despicable enterprise should have to take some sort of responsibility as well, and I don’t mean just by paying some sort of fine and promising to never do it again.
In short, we need to bring back good, old-fashioned community justice.
You know what I’m talking about.
The kind where the offender, once convicted, or caught, is publicly dealt with.
And what better time to do that than now?
We have a situation where people have TV’s in their homes, and it would be the perfect way to set an example.
Flogging at the very least.
And unless anyone thinks I’m just a sick twisted freak who enjoys watching other people getting their just deserts, think again.
I think the fact that these people might serve a prison sentence after committing such a horrid act is not enough.
There used to be times in our history when people wouldn’t do things like that because they knew that the community would rise up against them, and deal with them.
Now, no one has any shame.
And I have to ask, where are the liberals for this one?
They champion all day for human rights, but I haven’t seen anyone up in arms over this particular case, in the US.
And come to think of it, I don’t see too many “religious” folk up in arms over this either.
This is one area where we have very much common ground, and yet very few people are banding together on this.
This is the perfect issue to illustrate that we can put aside our partisanship and work together.


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