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The Slacktivist continues his review of

    Left Behind

by attacking the salvific greed that surfaces on P206, after Raeford and Kloe meet with Pastor Barnes.
To an extent, I can sympathize with Raeford.
The man has just lost his entire family, and is trying to figure out how to be near them again.
I think what bothers me the most about this whole series is the fact that the authors say nothing about whether it’s OK for others, pushing the evangelistic agenda, to take advantage of the grief of others.
They seem to overlook the fact that people are being taken advantage of.
Maybe it’s because the ends justify the means in their view, even though they would never admit it.
And this is why I have a serious problem with most evangelicals.
They’ll stop at nothing to win converts, becoming all things to all men.
Never mind that that’s lying.
I think that’s what makes the LB books so popular.
Not only because they speculate about the end times.
That’s too simple of an answer.
I think they’re amazingly popular because most of the people reading them can sympathize with the ends promoted in the books, and also agree with the premise: “The ends justify the means, because what could be more loving than leading people to Christ, no matter what you have to do?”
For them, this love really does cover all crimes, or at least presents a leniency that allows for any wrong to be committed in the service of the goal of converting all mankind.


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