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IMRA: When Acting PM Ehud Olmert presented his proposal to carry out a
massive retreat from the West Bank following the Gaza retreat model in which
the IDF no longer is present in the area (Kadima candidate Avi Dichter
erroneously claimed earlier this week that Kadima would remove Jewish
communities but continue the IDF presence) in interviews published in the
Israeli papers this weekend, the reporters asked him about the efficacy of
such a plan given the Qassam attacks now hitting Israel since the retreat
from Gaza.

Olmert replied that the problem of Qassam attacks had been addressed by the
IDF “these last days” and was no longer a problem.

1. Qassam rocket lands in south
Shmulik Hadad – YNET 03/11/2006 20:02,2297,L-3226440_3089,00.html

A Qassam rocket has landed between Kibbutz Carmia and Zikim. Security
officials say that the rocket landed in open territory, and there are no
reports of injuries or damage.

Earlier, a 13 year-old girl was treated for shock after a rocket landed
south of Sderot.

2. Teenager suffers shock after Qassam lands south of Sderot

Tova Dadon and Hanan Greenberg – YNET 11 March 2006 18:45,2297,L-3226429_3089,00.html

Magen David Adom paramedics treated a 13 year-old girl who suffered shock
after a Qassam rocket fell in open territory in the Kibbutz Gabim area,
south of Sderot.
The rocket was fired from northern Gaza.

3. 4 Qassams hit Israel

Palestinians fire 4 Qassam rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip; No
injuries reported and no damage caused
Hanan Greenberg YNET 03.10.06, 21:37,7340,L-3226282,00.html

Four Kassam rockets were fired at Israel on Friday, causing no injuries and
no damage.

Two rockets fired from the northern Gaza Strip landed in two communities
south of Ashkelon.

On Friday afternoon, Palestinian policemen defused two Kassams found in a
launch pad in the northern Strip.

Earlier Friday, the IDF’s Red Dawn alert system identified two rockets fired
at Sderot. The rockets exploded in an open field north of the city, IDF
officials said.

The IDF said its latest offensive of firing artillery rounds, targeted
assassinations and aerial strikes at active cells, dealt a severe blow to
terror groups and lead to a decrease in the number of Qassams fired from the
Gaza Strip.

Security officials have decided to impose a full closure on Palestinian
areas starting Saturday night. The curfew will remain in place until

The decision to impose the curfew ahead of the upcoming Purim holiday was
taken during the weekly situation assessment undertaken Friday morning.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz instructed the IDF and defense establishment to
undertake the utmost effort – including the cancellation of training
sessions and leaves if necessary – to thwart terror attacks ahead of the
Purim holiday and upcoming elections.


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