I and the people who sit on my row spent the last month coming up with this.
It’s all meant in good fun, so don’t anybody get offended.
I’m starting from Day Twelve, mainly to save myself some typing time.

On the twelfth Day of Critmus, my true thug gave to me,
12 bastard children,
11 breaths a-stankin’,
10 butts a-bumpin’,
9 niggas runnin’,
8 crack rocks poppin’ (none of us have a history with crack, so we weren’t sure about this one. No one corrected us when we recited it this morning, so we assume we’re good on this one).
7 sluts a-swingin’,
6 pipes a-smokin’,
5 shots of jinn,
4 gold teeth,
3 bags of weed,
2 diamond studs,
And a new Ja-Rool CD.

Oh yeah, and this one’s openly trackbackable.

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