By Rocco DiPippo | September 15, 2005

Boston’s Fanueil Hall, built in 1742, is known as the “Cradle of
Liberty.” It was there that Samuel Adams and other patriots fomented
the American Revolution.

On Tuesday, Sept 13, 2005, British Member of Parliament (MP) George
Galloway, flanked by a bust of John Adams and a portrait of George
Washington, defiled Fanueil Hall by bouncing a torrent of anti-U.S,
anti-West pro-Islamist invective off its hallowed walls.

The event, sponsored by the radical-Left Traprock Peace Center, the
International Socialist Review, and the anti-Israel National Council
of Arab Americans, began with a cavalcade of minor anti-U.S.,
anti-Western, and anti-Israel speakers.

Annie Zirin, a Marxist and self-hating Jew who once wrote, “The U.S.
Constitution has prevailed not because of its inherent greatness, but
because it has continued to meet the needs of the (capitalist) class
that wrote it,” took the stage first and compared the Hurricane
Katrina disaster to the Iraq War by saying, “How can we transport
250,000 soldiers to Iraq but we can’t evacuate the poor and sick from
New Orleans?” Zirin did not mention that 250,000 troops were not
transported to Iraq in a matter of days, while Katrina’s victims were
transported out of New Orleans in less than a week.

Up next was Eriko Nagai representing the Campus Anti-War Network, a
group at the forefront of the leftist-run Counter-Recruitment drive
that is sweeping through U.S. high schools and universities. During
her brief speech, Nagai spoke about the New Orleans disaster in terms
of race and class, saying both played a major role in determining the
fate of people in post-Katrina New Orleans. Racism was at least a
subtle component of everyone’s speeches, and in that respect Nagai’s
speech hinted at what was to come.

The crowd rose to its feet and howled its approval when Boston City
Councilman Chuck Turner took the stage categorizing America as “an
obscenity”. Said Turner, “The reality is, we have to cleanse the soul
of America. Our soul is covered in militarism, economic exploitation
and racism. We need to cleanse ourselves. We need to acknowledge the
obscenity that America is. We need to acknowledge that people around
the world acknowledge that America the beautiful is America the
obscene…we are obscene, we are a joke to the rest of the world.”
Turner then went on to claim that local, state and federal officials
plotted and carried out the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. When he
said this, many people in the crowd nodded in agreement. Turner left
the stage to a thunderous ovation. He was followed by long-time
leftist activist, avowed Socialist and Brown University Professor of
English Literature William Keach.

Keach is known for controversial remarks he made shortly after the
terrorist attacks of 9/11. While addressing a student protest
against the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan – a protest he helped
organize and cancelled classes to attend – Keach said, “What happened
on September 11 was terrorism, but what happened during the Gulf War
was also terrorism.”

During Tuesday night’s event, Keach gave a rambling speech filled
with leftist platitudes concerning the Iraq war and the Bush
administration. He urged the crowd to confront the “war criminals in
the Oval Office” and encouraged them to oppose the “pro-war
Democrats” who helped make Operation Iraqi Freedom a reality.

When he finished speaking Keach passed the microphone to Prof. Naseer
Aruri of the National Council of Arab Americans, a virulently
anti-Israel organization with close ties to the leftist International

Conveniently ignoring the fact that there hasn’t been an Islamist
terror attack on U.S. soil since September 11th, 2005 Aruri accused
the Bush Administration of making the U.S. less safe from terrorists.
In the course of his speech Aruri repeatedly referred to Islamist
terrorists as “so-called terrorists,” and blamed the existence of
Israel, and U.S. support for Israel as the primary causes of Islamist
“so-called” terror. Aruri castigated the Bush administration for
denying terrorist suspects “human rights,” classifying them as “enemy
combatants,” and housing them in “gulags.” He also accused Bush of
creating far more terrorists than had existed before the invasions of
Afghanistan and Iraq.

When Aruri finished speaking, George Galloway took the stage and
began a withering verbal assault on the U.S., Great Britain, Israel,
and the West at large.

Galloway is best known for his support of terrorists whom he refers
to as “the Iraqi resistance,” his admiration for Saddam Hussein, his
allegedly substantial involvement in the “Oil-for-Food” scandal, and
his seething hatred of the West. “It’s not the Muslims who are the
terrorist,” says Galloway. “The biggest terrorists are Bush, and
Blair, and Berlusconi, and Aznar, but it is definitely not a clash of
civilizations. George Bush doesn’t have any civilization, he doesn’t
represent any civilization.” During Tuesday’s speech, Galloway
reinforced many of these points. He lambasted Israel and U.S. support
for it and lamented that though Israel has the biggest cache of WMDs
in the Middle East, it has never been brought before the U.N. to face
sanctions. (Galloway conveniently ignored the fact that Israel has
never used its WMDs, even though it has been under assault by
homicidal Palestinians intent on its destruction for more than forty
years). Galloway praised Cindy Sheehan and urged the crowd to attend
nation-wide antiwar rallies planned for September 24 and 25. He laid
blame for the Katrina disaster on George Bush. He blamed the cause of
the 9/11 attacks on U.S. foreign policy, which he deemed as being
responsible for having “created the swamp of radical Islam” from
which the 9/11 attackers arose. He blamed the creation of “hundreds
of thousands” of “new terrorists” on Bush’s War on Terror. He
finished the speech with a rhetorical declaration of war against the
U.S. by saying, “You are either with your country going around the
world occupying countries and stealing their things or you’re against

Galloway left the stage to a long standing ovation. Since he clearly
sides with the suicide bombers, the beheaders and other psychopaths
that murder civilians in Iraq and elsewhere, a wave of horror washed
over me when I realized that the people in the generally well
dressed, well educated crowd cheering Galloway were, in essence,
cheering for their own deaths.

Afterwards, people lined up to have copies of Galloway’s booklet,
“Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington,” signed by him. The book-signing
line stretched to the back of the hall where there was plenty of
Marxist and other leftist literature for sale.

I’ve never been truly bothered by street-protest crowds of
predominantly young people wearing silly costumes, marching with
signs and mouthing platitudes like, “No Blood for Oil!” Most of them
will abandon such pursuits as life’s responsibilities mount. But
watching the mostly older adult audience in Fanueil Hall cheer Mr.
Galloway, who sides with Muslim fanatics, was disturbing to the
extreme — as was watching these same adults, ensconced in the
“Cradle of Liberty,” rise to their feet in approval as speaker after
speaker told them what an evil, unworthy, racist oppressive place
America is.

Rocco DiPippo, a free-lance political writer, publishes The Autonomist blog and is a contributor to David Horowitz’s Moonbat Central group blog.

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