Overtime Tuesday night turned out to be just like I remembered Helpdesk to be: pure, unadulterated crap.
Server completely went down Tuesday night, and has been that way since.
I got up this morning to find it back up.
Server admin says DOS attack.
I think that’s crap.
I’ll be going host shopping this weekend, and will hopefully have pointing to a new DNS server by Monday.
We lost a huge part of our staff due to the hurricane yesterday, so by the time quitting time got here there weren’t many left.
Not sure on actual numbers.
The company folks had the nerve to ask if people were going to work overtime yesterday.
Hurricane Ophelia hit us about 03:00 this morning, and it’s still raining and windy.
I checked the company information line, and they haven’t updated that since 6 yesterday evening.
Talk about being behind the times.
Ops managers had no idea how to deal with something like yesterday.
I’m not saying I know how to do their job, I’m just saying that they should be prepared for things like this.
After all, they’re supposed to be the leaders, and if there’s no one to lead … well, you know where to go from there.
I suppose I’ll get ready for work, and keep checking the information like.
Most likely, they’ll just tell everyone to come in to work, like they do during every major crisis.
Definite disconnect.
I’ll keep you all posted, assuming the server stays up.

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