Shalom all:

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted something that originates in my own cranium, and I think I could come up with enough worthy happenings for an entry. Where to start …

Last night, I ate better than i have in a while. Ray and I went to Ryan’s, which, for those of you who read my journal from overseas, is a local steak house, and we ate from their bufet. We went with Bob, (otherwise known as Homer, as in Homer Simpson). Bob is useful to a degree, but he has this really annoyingly huge problem when it comes to the business of others. He, being a Seventh-Day Adventist, likes to tell me, a Jewess, how to practice Judaism. Rich. In case you’re wondering how this is relevant to your life: If you belong to any other Christian group than the Seventh-Day Adventist Collective, (otherwise known as the Seventh-Day Adventist Church), you’re automatically evil, associated with Rome, (Rome=”The Great Whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelation 17), thus making your beliefs and practices inferior to his own. This applies especially to those of us who are J-Witnesses. If you’re disabled in anyway, this automatically implies that you had a bad childhood, and that you are not nearly as capable as the average, everyday individual. Once again, rich. But, here’s the clincher: According to Bob, people like myself, who happen to have what in most cases proves to be a very insignificant problem of blindness, have an obligation to work for free in order to establish a favorable reputation, due to the fact that “blind people don’t have a good reputation”, thus I must do my part to fix that agregious problem. Right. He’s also been known to make comments to the effect that persons who undergo any sort of abuse bring it on themselves, and that anyone who advocates the death penalty for crimes like rape is sick, and that the Oklahoma City bombing was a good thing. If it weren’t for the fact that the man has his uses, namely free food, I’d have nothing to do with him. But enough about him. On to better things. The meal was great, and I thought I was going to have to ask for carry-out service: The kind where they carry me out of the restaurant because I’ve eaten too much, thus making walking out a near impossibility.

And now, on to the subject of this entry. Lately, I find that a lot of completely simple solutions to problems that prove themselves to be at least mildly annoying occur to me a lot slower than they used to. Here’s an example: When I visit Ray at his apartment, I use a dial-up connection to access the ‘Net. For anyone interested, the fastest connection I’ve gotten is 33, and the slowest 21.6. Anyway, I’ve been moving the craptop (craptop is the affectionate name I’ve given to my laptop) back and forth from the room where I’m sleeping to his living room. I just bought a new battery for the craptop recently, but I don’t keep in in the machine in order to keep it from getting fubarred, thus rendering it useless. Consequently, every time I’ve moved the craptop, i’ve been disconnectiong its power supply from the electrical outlet. And then, this morning, it finally occurred to me to simply put the pattery in during the transfer, thus avoiding the loss of power, having to restart the machine, and having to reconnect to the ‘Net. What a novel concept! I intend to find out the source of the common-sense leak, and repair the situation.

Given that I’ve just spent the last thirty minutes, (give or take some on either side), writing the current treatise, I’ll end it here. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

Amanda Jayne Rush
Rachel bat Avraham Avinu v’Sarah Emanu


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