This article came across my Twitter, so since it seemed like it would be interesting, I gave it a read. I find it impossible to feel sorry for this guy at all. Not having the time to secure your wireless network is not an excuse. If you own a consumer router, it has a graphical user interface, which means there’s a page that comes up when you log in with all kinds of links on it. Securing your network takes about five minutes, even if you have to hunt through the links to find out which one you need to click. So if he left the network open, it wasn’t hacked, as this article suggests. Anyone in range could easily connect to the network and do whatever they want on the internet, and you’re responsible because you left it wide open. As far as the bit about blind people not watching movies is concerned, that’s also a cop-out. Blind people watch movies all the time, and most of the time, they don’t include a descriptive track. So as much as I can’t stand the RIAA and everything they represent, this guy left himself wide open and so should bear the responsibility.


  • First, the relevant body is the MPAA, not the RIAA, and that’s assuming
    the MPAA covers areas like the porn industry.

    I agree with you that the whole blindness thing is a red herring, and
    even the guy in question isn’t using it as a defence. As yo say, anyone
    who leaves their wireless router unsecured is asking for it, and the
    fact that this guy wants his name suppressed because he works in
    networking makes the slip all the more damning. Of course, it is my
    firm belief that wireless routers should come with the wireless disabled
    by default and defaulted to a security standard such as WPA2, forcing
    you to set it to be unencrypted, but don’t get me started on this.

    All of this overshadows the bigger issue. This guy obviously didn’t
    download the porn, so technically he’s not guilty of any crime. But he
    is guilty of allowing it to happen through his account. He could face
    something like a $150k fine from what I’ve read, and fighting it will
    obviously cost. But he can make it go away by coughing up a few
    thousand, and he’s seriously considering doing this.

    Apparently there’s literally thousands of these sorts of cases being
    filed. One can’t help wondering if it’s just a way to grab some easy
    money, since many will not be able to defend themselves in court.


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